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          ifD Process

          • Phase
          • Phase
          • Phase
          • Phase

          • Phase I

            High voltage?(6KV-8KV) is applied to?generate corona discharges and negative ions. Negative irons collide with air molecules, thereby?ionizing?the latter and releasing additional irons which collide with further molecules—? creating an electron?avalanche.

          • Phase Ⅱ

            When dispersed away from the corona discharge, negative ions are attracted by air molecules which become negatively charged and move towards the positive plate in an intense electric field.

          • Phase Ⅲ

            Small particles are attracted to and obstruct the motion of negatively charged air molecules, hence acquiring negative charge.

          • Phase Ⅳ

            Negatively charged particles are pulled to the positive plate and captured by the latter because of the powerful and polarized electrical field inside the ifD filter.

          the Advantage of Multi-purification

          Automated Control

          Real-time monitoring and remote control through a mobile APP

          Selecting settings at the touch of a button


          Efficient Heat Recovery

          Outdoor and exhaust air separated by a thermal conductive plate to avoid cross contamination,Displacement ventilation, with incoming air pre-conditioned through heat exchange for energy conservation.

          Fire-retardant and mold-resistant, the plate heat exchanger, consisting of semipermeable membranes, achieves optimal heat exchange efficiency by virtue of low friction and pressure losses and a large surface area.

          Air Purification System

          • Air Purification Unit

          • Return air vent

          • Exhaust vent

          • Vertical shaft for air supply

          • Removal of PM 2.5 during the first purification process

          • Fresh air inlet

          • Discharge of exhaust air

          • Floor diffuser

          Core Technology

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