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          【Leading Company】

          For spaces which are energy- efficient, clean, comfortable and healthy

          SHANGHAI JINY ENVIR-TECH CO.,LTD develops, manufactures and supplies quality air handling units for energy- efficient, clean, and comfortable spaces.

          • Our Mission

            We aim for better indoor air quality through relentless innovation and R&D.

          • Our Technologies

            We leverage the latest ventilation, air purification and energy-saving technologies for our fresh air systems.

          • Building elements

            We provide URSOSH integrated solutions including doors, windows, and sun shading.


          Become a leader in indoor air purification industry!


          Committed to the transformation of the city in the bedroom for the green bar!


          Customer oriented, innovation first, quality as the deposit, cooperation as the road!


          All customer satisfaction as the fundamental!

          Strategic Partner

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